Drumroll Please!

Peel back the curtain and meet the team behind Bananas Creative, the bunch of creative minds that bring your brand to life. Come say hi and let's go bananas with your next project!

The Bananas Brigade


The Top Banana AKA Creative Director

Sergio is a design genius with a love for bananas and hunger for innovation. With a sharp eye for detail and a deep understanding of the market, he crafts campaigns that are both visually stunning and effective. His entrepreneurial spirit is always curious, exploring new possibilities and pushing the boundaries of the design industry.

Beyond his passion for design, Sergio is a family man at heart. He loves spending time with his wife and two little monkeys—I mean, children, and infuses a sense of warmth and humor into everything he does. Like a bunch of perfectly ripe bananas, his projects are satisfying and leave a lasting impression while always finding creative ways to add a touch of fun to his work.

Sergio's passion for design is matched only by his love for his team and his commitment to creating a playful and inclusive work environment where everyone can monkey around and still get the job done.


Project Manager

Meet Jessica, the Bananas Creative Project Manager who's always swinging from one project to the next. With over 10 years of experience and a passion for delivering results, she's a force to be reckoned with. As a proud mom of two little monkeys, her energy and creativity know no bounds.

She brings order to complex projects, keeping all the bananas in the bunch organized and ripe for success. In her free time, you can find her indulging in a good book or penning her own literary masterpiece. Whether it's finding new ways to peel back the layers of a project or playing with puns, Jessica always adds a fun-loving and lighthearted touch to the Bananas Creative team.


Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Introducing Erin—the talented graphic designer and illustrator behind Bananas Creative! With a passion for all things a-peeling, Erin is the go-to gal when it comes to designing stunning visuals for her clients. Erin's love for creativity and design started early, as she spent her childhood drawing everything and anything. Now, with years of experience under her belt, she's turned her passion into a career at Bananas Creative.

When she's not crafting eye-catching designs, you'll likely find her going bananas over horror movies, anime, video games (especially The Legend of Zelda), and spending time with her furry best friend, Birdie.


Web Expert

Israel, also known as “the Mexican guy”, started his career as graphic designer and now he has mastered web design. His first contact with web design was before monkeys evolved to humans when Facebook did not exist yet, so he has been working on creative projects on the internet for a considerable time. If he is not designing in Figma or developing in Webflow, he will surely be monkeying around online playing The Last Of Us.


Web designer

Introducing Jon, the banana-loving web designer who knows how to monkey around with designs.

This former programmer realized that coding was driving him bananas, so he decided to switch to web design and hasn't looked back since. When Jon isn't busy peeling out pixel-perfect designs, he likes to monkey around at the gym and climb walls like a real-life Tarzan.


Vehicle Wrap Specialist

This graphic installer expert is the top banana in the world of graphic installation. Darijo knows all the tricks of the trade and can peel and stick with the best of them. From walls to vehicles, this expert has a variety of ways to bring designs to life.

His installation game is second to none, and he can create custom graphics that a-peel to the eye. With a keen eye for design, he knows just how to make graphics pop by using colours that are ripe for the picking. Darijo is always ready to split to the next project with his tools and equipment at the ready. He has a great bunch of clients who are always satisfied with his neat and tidy work. Nobody knows the value of hard work quite like he does, and he never slips up when it comes to quality and attention to detail.

He's the cream of the crop, and his work is always a bunch above the rest!


Purebred Goofball

Woof woof, I'm Birdie! The adorable office puppy of Bananas Creative. I may not come to the office every day, but when I do, I make sure to spread plenty of kisses and love to everyone I meet!

I'm a total goofball and love nothing more than making new friends and cuddling up for some snuggles. But let's not forget about snacks—I'll shake my paw however much you want if it gets me a treat! And if you do give me a treat, I promise to be your best friend fur-ever.

I can't wait to meet you!