Vehicle Wraps are the #1 way to market your trade business.

A well-designed vehicle wrap provides a great return on investment.

Don't settle for just a logo decal that identifies you - go for the wrap that's going to generate excitement and calls.

I already have a company name on my vehicle.

There is a big difference between a company “identifier” and a well-branded company vehicle.

A company “identifier” such as a logo decal, phone number and website will simply let others know who you are. But, if you really want to get that potential customer to look you up and make the call for services - you need a well-branded vehicle wrap. One that grabs their attention and gains their trust.

A fully branded vehicle will give the right message to potential customers so that they WILL call you.  It will grab attention and garner trust in one look.  And in your line of work - isn’t that worth something?
Why should I Wrap my Vehicle?


Unknown vehicles arouse suspicion in local neighbourhoods.  Being able to be immediately recognized as a proper service vehicle is important for gaining trust.

ROI (Return on Investment)

Every time you go out to provide your service you are given an opportunity to draw attention to your business.  Vehicles make great advertising billboards.

Cost savings

Based on number of impressions a vehicle wrap is one of the least expensive forms of advertising.


Branding will make your business STAND OUT from your competition.


Branding will give you consistency across all messaging and media, making your image STRONGER.


We use Character creation in our branding to give your business a FRIENDLY face.

Vehicle Wraps for Alberta Trades

Portfolio: Van, Truck and Fleet Wraps

Our wraps are the talk of the town and our clients love pulling up to a job site in their new look.
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