Company Logo Design & Remarkable Branding

Why Branding
is “KEY”

Is your business getting attention from the right audience?
Is your first impression impressive?
Is your business getting new customers weekly?
Are you looking to grow your customer base?



Understanding your audience will assist in finding the best way to reach them.


Well-designed logo, character & marketing tools will make you stand out.


A strong brand, message and image is how you will captivate your ideal audience.

Without this, you could become just another face in the crowd.  
It’s time to create a brand identity that your customers will go bananas for.

What if I already have a logo?

We understand. You’ve already done some legwork to get yourself up and running.

We are talking about more than just a logo, we are talking about really standing out from your competition.  We are going to be transparent with you during our first meeting.  We don’t change what doesn’t need to be changed, but chances are, the logo you have may not have all the elements needed to make it a great logo.

Your logo should “A-PEEL” to your target market and Bananas Creative is dedicated to creating one that will inspire you and most importantly entice new customers to give you a call.
Why should I Brand my Business?

Set Apart

To set yourself apart from your competition, you need to stand out to your potential customers.  Branding will give you a distinct look that customers will remember.

ROI (Return on Investment)

A well-branded business is worth more when you go to sell.

Set up for Business Growth

When we, at Banana’s Creative, brand your company, we are thinking of the big picture.  We will provide you with branding that will grow with you.


Branding will make your business STAND OUT from your competition.


Branding will give you consistency across all messaging and media, making your image STRONGER.


We use Character creation in our branding to give your business a FRIENDLY face.

Branding and Marketing for Alberta Trades

Portfolio : Branding and Logo Design

We create a fully customized look for your trade company.  We invite you to browse our previous work to get an idea of what we can do for you.

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